Git for Creatives

  • Skillshare course providing an introduction to the Git version control system
  • Screencasts explaining the basics of Git and Git workflows
  • Exercise with GitHub to put what has been learnt into practice

UCL API, JavaScript wrapper

  • JavaScript wrapper for UCL API on npm as uclapi
  • Leverages ES6 features
  • AVA for tests

Liwely, your mindfulness coach

  • React Native iOS app
  • Redux for task storage
  • Koa REST API/MySQL database

Academy Cup, official website of the Academy Youth Cup

  • Full admin interface with deep CMS functionality
  • Ranking generation
  • Frontend design and implementation

CleanAir, pollution and housing

  • React/React-router app that displays a heatmap of pollution along with houses in that area
  • Integration with the Zoopla API
  • Heavy use of Localstorage and caching to reduce round-trips and response time
  • REST API build in Flask and deployed on AWS EC2 with nginx in front of uWSGI
  • Database hosted on AWS (RDS)

London Tube for Slack

  • /tube slash command
  • Uses node-tfl (contributed to updating the package)
  • Leverages Botkit, for authentication token storage (in Redis)


  • A Ruby Bot that sends you jobs from Reddit, HackerNews and Workinstartups in Slack
  • API wrappers for workinstartups and HackerNews jobs
  • Uses Redd for access to Reddit
  • Source code is in this repo


  • A Node Bot that behaves like your bank assistant
  • BotKit for conversational aspects
  • for natural lanugage processing
  • Mondo OAuth integration
  • Add to Slack button

Get Mad Ideas: Find and share app ideas

  • A Rails web application that you can access at
  • Featured on ProductHunt with 100+ upvotes
  • Grabs tweets with #appidea and displays them for voting