My page is finally up to date with everything, all the sections are nicely separated and appear in the topbar, the content has a minimum height, the colours are changed, my name is repeated less often in the footer for example.

Liquid templating is the usual: different templating language -> a bit of time to work out how to do what you want, otherwise all is good (it actually took me around 10 minutes to figure out what templating language was used, of course). Also played around with the YAML file, same again took me the best part of a minute and a half to figure out how to have an array of email addresses.

Well, when I say up to date I mean, it still needs a ton of images and a cool font, both of which I need to think about what to use.

Those are always the main things as to whether a website looks good:

  • font
  • colour scheme
  • images
  • big images
  • optionally some sort of overlay

Those are the things that make a website look good and these are a couple that immediately make it look bad:

  • laggy animations
  • unintuitive response
  • unexpected space
  • overlap of elements

Of course unintuitive response encompasses a whole range of things, from horizontal scrolling when you scroll vertically to a buggy form not submitting this often manifests itself as the page refreshing in other words the form you just filled out going getting emptied. But how good does a full-screen image look?